Disadvantages Of Gentrification

Topics: Wealth, Street food, Family, Food truck, Working class, Mobile catering / Pages: 7 (1513 words) / Published: Dec 10th, 2016
Gentrification is a problem because lower-income families get pushed out of their homes; additionally, economically speaking this means that family-owned businesses go bankrupt or get pushed out by franchises. Gentrification is about buying property and making it bigger to get higher income. It’s the renovation of business, houses and markets that wealthy people can afford. Wealthy communities are the ones taking over the middle class property and making them relocated and making them find something they can afford. Although gentrification its does not always have to be a bad thing everything always have its advantages and disadvantages and people can take advantage of it if they have the money they need. Who wouldn't want to see less crimes, cleaner cities, fancy buildings but it has a price to it. The people end up having to leave their homes where they have live their whole life. Gentrification increases the rents and the houses have a higher value and the culture of the neighbor also change.
The street vendors are the one getting more affected by gentrification. In the article How This LA Street Vendor Is Dealing With Gentrification “ by Javier Cabral in this articles the author let us know how badly the vendors are been treated without them doing anything bad to the community. Andres Santos had to pay
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People have the opportunity to get good jobs but other have to leave their job to do racist problems some company’s judge the people by there appearances or the way the look or even the clothes they’re wearing. Is not the first time we experience segregation in America and it connected to gentrification because the cities are pushing the color or the Latin people out to make a better

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