Disadvantages of Gay Marriage

Topics: Homosexuality, Marriage, Law Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: April 1, 2013
The Disadvantages of Gay Marriage
According to Messerli (2009), marriage is defined as a religious and allowed by low commitment between male and female, also the final expression of love. Most religious consider homosexuality as an offence against God’s laws. Every religious in the world that consider homosexuality is unacceptable. It is insulting and a swipe to most people freedom of religion to have to admit a relationship they wicked sinful. The evolution of the United States legal system, there is out of laws contained in the Bible. Gay marriage world further weaken the traditional family values essential to our society. The main reason of our culture and values have started to collapse is the undermining of families. Gay marriage could provide a crafty slope in the legality of marriage. Gay marriage is introducing another form of “family” would only make the situation worse. Gay marriage is a chain reaction that destroyed the meaning of marriage. The gay lifestyle is nothing to be gave support, as many research showed it leads to a lower life expectancy, psychological disorders, and other problems.

According to Smith (2012), gay marriage is often a fault that is based on highly nuanced understandings of the law. First, marriage is not only for the benefits of each other but also for the good of the spouse’s community. Second, the association of gay marriage should not be to desire to learn or value to the authorized strength and explanation of state or federal laws. Third, the fundamental values upon which the nation is built clearly affirm that equality and the pursuit of happiness are the rights and privileges of all citizens, irrespective of their sexual preference or orientation by Smith (2010). Gay spouse cannot give the children a male and female parent for proper development. Gay marriage cannot do anything to take the state interest of propagating society. The difference between male and female is prolonging over anatomy. Gay marriage cannot give...
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