Disadvantaged Groups in Australia

Topics: Australia, Indigenous Australians, Indigenous peoples, Culture, Racism, Race / Pages: 8 (1913 words) / Published: May 4th, 2011
3. Critically analyse the following quote from Sarah Wise (2011) “As Australians we promulgate the value of a fair go. Yet there are individuals and groups in our society that experience extreme and persistent disadvantage that sets them apart from the rest of our society”. (Reference: Wise, S. (2011) “Advance Australia Fairly” Sydney Morning Herald. January 14, 2011)

One of the most predominant values in Australian society is that of ‘mateship’ (Henslin, J., A. Possamai and A. Possamai-Inesedy 2010, pg 49). Such a value promotes equality of life amongst Australians, and eliminates discrimination. Whilst this is such an accentuated initiative, disadvantage and inequality still exists in the context of Indigenous Australians. To fully understand the issues that exist within Indigenous communities, it is necessary to apply a sociological imagination and expand analysis to the larger society they are part of (Henslin, J., A. Possamai and A. Possamai-Inesedy 2010, pg. 4, 5).The struggles of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders such as employment, education, income and health are closely linked to their views and actions, and would not be as they are if it weren’t for non-Indigenous Australians and their society (Henslin, J., A. Possamai and A. Possamai-Inesedy 2010, pg. 4, 5). Therefore it is necessary to address the history of and relationship between Indigenous peoples’ and non-Indigenous people.

The indigenous community greatly disapproved of being governed by the Australian governments (Henslin, J., A. Possamai and A. Possamai-Inesedy 2010, pg. 290) and so established their own Aboriginal Provisional Government to form their own policies that correlate with their laws and values (Henslin, J., A. Possamai and A. Possamai-Inesedy 2010, pg. 290; Pratt 2004). The federal government responded to this in 1990 and set up the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission in order to give Indigenous peoples the chance to govern themselves and have an elective

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