Disadvantage of Technology

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol Pages: 4 (1231 words) Published: September 11, 2013
Information technology in the business world: its advantages and disadvantages.

Communication technology is one of the most important facilities of information technology (IT) for the people around the world. It changed the human life by made it easier to communicate between each other also it make the world look like small village. People now communicate between each other’s by different ways comparison to the past. As a result businesses also change and develop by using communication technology. The companies have many benefits and many barriers by using communication technology; the discussion will be limited to this area.

This essay will argue that information technology has advantages and disadvantages when used it in business. One of the advantages is that Internet can help companies to communicating effectively with clients. Also companies can use it to build a good relationship with their customers. Now most companies provide a website to market their goods and give more detailed about company’s business. Moreover, Most companies now use a virtual communication to deal or exchange information. In the other hand, communication technologies have many disadvantages that breakdown the business. The First common disadvantage among in companies that employees using company computer for dubious purposes. Also, using internet in workplace for a long time could be affect body and brain health. In addition, employees mobile phones are not secure because of the digital criminal.

Internet helped companies to communicate effectively with their customers. It will help the companies to save their time and money while they finish their work online such as: online

business deals and advertise their products. Researches show that companies who use the internet develop faster than others. In addition, many clients use internet to read about companies products. According to Vallee (2002, p. 109): ‘the whole world has access to your products, in proportion to the...
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