Dis Crime ‘N Nation

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Human Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: August 27, 2013
“Dis Crime ‘n Nation
Millionaires, models, and stars - that is all we ever take notice of. Why don’t we ever take a short moment from putting all our eyes and ears in the dramas of the celebrities and begin attending to the real problem of the world - overpopulation, poverty, pollutions and more importantly, discrimination.

Discrimination runs in every nation whether we are aware of it or not. People divided from each other based on their social status, race, age, sex, and faith. Yes, even in faith, discrimination is very much prominent, even if the Almighty had told men a thousand times that every human for Him is all the same, all loved.

I for one, find myself discriminating at a young age. It is comical because the person I discriminated did not even realize this until she grew up and until I realized that I was doing it to her. Who is that person you may ask? It is I. Going in a class full of wondrous, talented students, I separated myself from them. I looked down on all of my talents and even stepped down just to give others the entire spotlight. I never thought that I would ever fit in to the class even after staying for years with the same and exact group of students. But all of these changed when I stepped into fourth year high school.

Being able to enter the graduating year with this crème section made me realize that I am special after all. Maybe there are things that I lacked or needed improvement on, but it is not the reason for me to treat myself differently from the others. What would be the purpose of schooling if I did not have these weaknesses and flaws in the first place? What good would it do for me to dwell on the past and continue underestimating my own personal being?

The same goes in the different aspects of our nation but in a much deeper sense. People being discriminated for their race are not only barred from what they want to have, but also in their rightful privileges as human...
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