Dirt Bikes Management

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James S. Stephens
Dirt Bikes Management
After reviewing the required material I found that Dirt Bikes management could benefit in the sales department by networking through the intranet by working on the development of different ideas that will help management target web sites that people with an interest in the sport or recreation of dirt biking are prone to visit. Example: if I worked for Dirt Bikes management, and was trying to improve sales and marketing in my organization, I would target my potential customers most reviewed web sites by marketing pop-ups or related links to help promote sales of my organizations products. One could also market through networks such as Facebook by targeting people by what their favorite sports or recreations are. Once this connection is established marketing and sales management could use promotions and or incentives to get the potential customers to buy merchandise from them. These are all ways that a an organization such as Dirt Bikes management could improve their marketing and sales department. The Human Resources department of an organization is the management of an organization's employees. This being said the Human Resources department of Dirt Bikes management could benefit from intranet by using it to talk to all the employees about different ideas the heads have came to believe will benefit the organization. This allowing feedback from management before actually implementing the proposed ideas into motion or effect. The Manufacturing and Production departments could benefit from an organizations intranet system by being able to share ideas relating to what customers want to have manufactured, and what is economically feasible for the organization to commit to manufacturing. It also allows the manufacturing team to relay information to the production team as to how they can save time on the production line by assembling or not assembling certain parts that the manufacturing team has made for them. It...
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