Dirt Bike Usa

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Dirt Bikes USA

Background: Dirt Bikes USA was founded in 1991 by Carl Schmidt and Steven McFadden. These two entrepreneurs saw the increasing demand for Dirt bikes, and took the initiative to capitalize on their idea. These two former bikers took their knowledge of dirt bikes and their love of the sport and developed on that foundation. Their idea was to give the customer a product that was aptly suited for the specific needs of the customer. Also the duo wanted to give something more than just a bike, they wanted to provide the highest possible satisfaction at a reduced cost than their competitors. To reach this goal they developed frames for dirt bikes that were more suited to off-road handling and started using these frames to build their own dirt bike models using motorcycle engines manufactured by other companies, such as Honda and Rotax Motors of Austria. One of their main selling points was to provide the customer with low priced yet quality product that is situated for the specific use the customer demands. Dirt Bikes USA manufactures bikes that surpass the competition by using using the best custom parts available. The shape their own frame for a unique look they are noted for. With so much demand and interest in Carl and Steve’s bikes they decided to open a production facility that could manufacture large numbers of their dirt bikes for the retail market. The products that Dirt Bikes started off with in when they opened included The Enduro 250 which retails for $3250, the Enduro 550 which retails for $7600, the Moto 300 which retails for $4295 and

the Moto 450 which retails for $8995. Some services included providing customer service to repair everything that they made making it very convenient for the customer. They also sell their products at certified Dirt Bikes stores only, although if a customer lives more than 50 miles from the store, they can purchase the product from a certified affiliate bike store. With so much interest in the company, they decided to open a small production facility in Carbondale. This facility has since expanded to house 120 workers involved in production, design, and engineering and a corporate sales and administrative staff of close to 20 employees. Over the years Dirt Bikes USA has enhanced and expanded its product line to include dirt bike models optimized for racing and for offroad recreational use. Its racing models have placed well-and often placed first-- in the many dirt bike races staged throughout the United States. A final selling point was to show that the durability of their products were so well made that they can withstand the rigors the of the Barstow race which pits riders across 500 miles of desert from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

Organization: There are approximately 120 employees work in design, engineering and production, including 3 full-time product designers and 3 engineers. In addition to a 4person parts department, Dirt Bikes maintain a ten-person service department to service warranties and customer problems with parts and motorcycle performance. Five employees work in Dirt Bikes’ shipping and receiving department. Dirt Bikes’ sales staff consists of a marketing manager and 5 sales representatives, two for the West coast and Western United States, one for the Midwest, one for the Northeast and one for the South.

The corporate administrative staff consists of a controller, one accountant, one administrative assistant; two human resources staff members, three secretaries, and two information systems specialists to support systems servicing all of the business functional areas. The company maintains a very friendly family atmosphere, encouraging teamwork, attention to detail and quality, and continual learning and innovation. Employees, distributors, and retail customers are urged to contribute ideas on how to improve Dirt Bikes’ products and service. With all this cumulative knowledge and support among the company, Dirt Bike’s hopes to rapidly take...
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