Directors Version of Tempest

Topics: The Tempest, Moons of Uranus, John Gielgud Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: March 25, 2013
By: Aniko Pollak 100773525
ENG1000M FALL 2012. Professor: Thomas Steffler.

The tempest is a magical play produce by Shakespeare that is full of creativity and imagination. Characters involved are a powerful mystical magician, a princess, prince, monsters and spirits portraying a new visionary world. Shakespeare loves to involve common themes among his plays such as star-stricken lovers, justice and hierarchy. In this play, Prospero, a magician was exiled to a deserted island leaving him with his daughter Miranda and his books that possessing magic powers. With the help of Ariel, Prospero’s loyal spirit, he was able to shipwreck a boat that included Prospero’s brother King Antonio, his companions and the King’s son, Ferdinand. This separated the son and the King onto different parts of the island. This allows the Prince Ferdinand to fall in love with the beautiful Miranda threw an enchanted encounter. Their encounter is particular part in the play as it is signifies a new beginning and future peace between both parties. In this film to be directed, I will emphasize this moment and discuss why it is the right time to perform this play, how it will be preformed and how it will be staged paying particular attention to the common themes of Shakespeare.

It is essential to create a visual representation of the mystical world created by Shakespeare in The Tempest. This is particularly hard to portray, as it is a dreamlike production. However, with the advancement of modern technology, I find that it is the best time to produce this play. There has been visual graphics created in the Life of Pi, and the Avatar that will be best suited for this play to create the exile island, the magical spirit, spiritual colors and the bewitched powers of Prospero. As this play is a popular play, the budget for the film will be large enough to create the best picture images on the cinematic screen. The...

References: Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. The Norton ShakespeareFolger Shakespeare Library New York: 110020, 1994. Print
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