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Topics: Nuclear power, Coal, Nuclear fission Pages: 6 (1307 words) Published: April 20, 2013
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Power and energy, sources of energy, review of thermodynamic cycles related to power plants, fuels and combustion, calculations. Variable Load problem Industrial production and power generation compared, ideal and realised load curves, terms and factors. Effect of variable load on power plan operation, methods of meeting the variable load problem. Power plant economics and selection Effect of plant type on costs, rates, fixed elements, energy elements, customer elements and investor’s profit; depreciation and replacement, theory of rates. Economics of plant selection, other considerations in plant selection. 8

Steam power plant
Power plant boilers including critical and super critical boilers. Fluidized bed boilers, boilers mountings and accessories. General layout of steam power plant. Different systems such as fuel handling system, pulverizes and coal burners, combustion system, draft, ash handling system, feed water treatment and condenser and cooling system, turbine auxiliary systems such as governing, feed heating, reheating , flange heating and gland leakage. Operation and maintenance of steam power plant, heat balance and efficiency. 8

Diesel power plant
General layout, performance of diesel engine, fuel system, lubrication system, air intake and admission system, supercharging system, exhaust system, diesel plant operation and efficiency, heat balance. Gas turbine power plant Elements of gas turbine power plants, Gas turbine fuels, cogeneration, auxiliary systems such as fuel, controls and lubrication, operation and maintenance, Combined cycle power plants. 6

Hydro electric station
Principles of working, applications, site selection, classification and arrangements, hydroelectric plants, run off size of plant and choice of units, operation and maintenance, hydro systems, interconnected systems, micro and mini hydro power plant. 6

Unit-V Nuclear power plant
Principles of nuclear energy, basic components of nuclear reactions, nuclear power station. Nuclear fuels in fission and fusion reactors, Types of nuclear reactors, Fissile and fertile materials, Neutron chain reaction in fission reactors, Neutron flux, Concept of criticality for bare homogeneous reactors, Coolants, moderators, Control and structural materials. Heat generations and steady state temperature distribution in fuel elements, Heat removal.

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INTRODUCTION: Classification of automobile, Parts of an automobile, Description of an automobile, performance of automobile, engine cycle-energy balance, terms connected with I.C. Engines, Detonation, performance number, tractive efforts. 5

S.I. ENGINE: Carburetion & carburetors, Induction system, factor influencing carburetion, Mixture requirement, Distribution, Complete carburetor, theory of simple carburetor. 4 C.I. ENGINE: Functional requirements of an injection system, Fuel pump and fuel injector (Atomizer), Types of nozzles and fuel spray patterns, troubleshooting of a fuel system & carburetor, Turbo Charger (Function and benefits). 4

Unit II
Determination of engine friction, Lubrication, lubrication system, Crankcase ventilation, Necessity of engine cooling, Areas of heat flow in engines, gas temperature variation, heat transfer,...

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