Direct Study 5

Topics: Risk, Culture, Globalization Pages: 5 (1591 words) Published: August 6, 2012
Chapter 1
4. Discuss examples of recent macro political risk events and the effect they have or might have on a foreign subsidiary. What are micro political risk events? Give some examples and explain how they affect international business. 5. What means can managers use to assess political risk? What do you think is there lative effectiveness of these different methods? At the time you are reading this,what countries or areas do you feel have political risk sufficient to discourage you from doing business there? 6. Can political risk be “managed”? If so, what methods can be used to manage such risk, and how effective are they? Discuss the lengths to which you would go to manage political risk relative to the kinds of returns you would expect to gain. 7. Explain what is meant by the economic risk of a nation. Use a specific country as an example. Can economic risk in this country be anticipated? How? How does economic instability affect other nations? 9. Discuss the effects of various forms of technology on international business.What role does the Internet play? Where is all this leading? Explain the meaning of the “appropriability of technology.” What role does this play in internationalcompetitiveness? How can managers protect the proprietary technology of their firms?

Chapter 2
2. Discuss the criticisms that have been leveled against MNCs in the past regardingtheir activities in less developed countries. What counterarguments are there tothose criticisms? 3. What does moral universalism mean? Discuss your perspective on this concept.Do you think the goal of moral universalism is possible? Is it advisable? 4. What do you think should be the role of MNCs toward human rights issues inother countries? What are the major human rights concerns at this time? Whatideas do you have for dealing with these problems? What is the role of corporatecodes of conduct in dealing with these concerns? 5. What is meant by international business ethics? Should the local culture affectethical practices? What are the implications of local norms for ethical decisions byMNC managers? 8. What do you think are the responsibilities of MNCs toward the globalenvironment? Give some examples of MNC activities that run counter to theconcepts of ecological interdependence and sustainability.

Chapter 3
1. What is meant by the culture of a society and why is it important for internationalmanagers to understand it? Do you notice cultural differences among yourclassmates? How do those differences affect the class environment? How do theyaffect your group projects? 2. Describe the four dimensions of culture proposed by Hofstede. What are themanagerial implications of these? Compare the findings with those of Trompenaarsand the GLOBE project team. 3. Discuss the types of operational conflicts that could occur in an internationalcontext because of differences in attitudes towards time, change, material factors,and individualism. Give examples relative to specific countries. 4. Discuss how the internet and culture interact. Which most affects the other, andhow? Give some examples. 5. Discuss collectivism as it applies to the Japanese workplace. What managerialfunctions are affected? 6. Discuss the role of Islam in cross-cultural relations and business operations.

Chapter 4
1. How does culture affect the process of attribution in communication? Can you relate this to some experiences you have had with your classmates? 3. What is the relationship between language and culture? How is it that people from different countries who speak the same language may still miss-communicate? 4. Give some examples of cultural differences in the interpretation of bodylanguage. What is the role of such nonverbal communication in businessrelationships? 5. Explain the differences between monochromic and polychronic time systems. Usesome examples to illustrate their differences and the role of time in interculturalcommunication. 6. Explain the differences between high-...
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