Direct Method

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Nowadays there are many options to learn a language; some schools have the best methods for reaching that goal but only some of them truly apply them. The possibility to learn a language involves some factors that are pointed directly to teachers. For this reason, different methods have been appearing through time. As it is mentioned in previous essays, the methods have changed for different reasons; one of them is because of the need to improve the complete skills of the student. This essay is focused on one of these methods that is called “The Direct Method” and discover the history, what are the main characteristics of this method, what are the advantages and disadvantages, what is the role of the student and the teacher and at the end is going to be presented some activities that teachers could apply when they use this method. This method was developed because of the bad comments that people had at that time of the “Grammar – Translation Method”. It was developed in France and Germany around 1900 making a radical change of the method that existed at that time. Freeman (1966) mentioned that the principals of the “Direct Method” have been applied by language teachers for many years and that it was revived as a method when the goal of instruction became learning how to use a foreign language to communicate. This method became popular because this it is focused on preparing students to use the target language in order to achieve communication. This resulted a complete change in those times because the “Grammar-Translation Method” was the only that existed because of the disadvantages that this represented. Fortunately, “The Direct Method” appeared to counter all this problematic and have a complete develop of the students communicative skills. This method had different names at the beginning of its creation. Before the real name, some people proposed to call it: “reform method”, “natural method” “psychological method”, “phonetic...

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