Diploma Level 3

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A brief account that excludes and discriminates people in our society

assignment 303

task c

this could be something as simple as Mrs A wanted to go to town shopping but she only has means of public transport. The only problem is she is in a wheelchair and unable to get onto a bus as they don’t have wheelchair access due to the steps onto the bus. So Mrs A calls a taxi explaining that she has a wheelchair but when the taxi comes it I a standard car and not one for wheelchairs, so when she asks for help to get into the car the driver says he’s not allowed to as he’s not insured should something happen to her, so Mrs A has to struggle on her own eventually she manages to get into the car hoping the driver would put wheelchair in the boot she’s astounded to see he just sitting there in the drivers seat. If it wasn’t for a passer by folding the wheelchair and putting it in the boot she would have had to go back home. On arrival to the shopping centre a friend of her gets the chair out of the boot and she goes on her way shopping only to be met with all kinds of problems like shop doors not wide enough for the wheelchair or steps up to the shop.

All of these could be classed as discrimination as in today’s world shops should have the facilities for disabled people like wider or double opening doors maybe a ramp to help them in and out of the shop.

There are many kinds of discrimination from race and religion to sexual or disabilities many kinds can leave these people hurt and betrayed. There have been cases where people have been bullied just because of the colour of their skin to such a degree that the victim eventually ends up committing suicide because they have been made to feel like an outsider.

In today’s society people also discriminate through social networks posting rude an offensive comments about people or groups.

But all said and done we are all the same no matter what people who discriminate are just bullies and need to have a look...
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