Diploma for Accounting Technicians

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Diploma for Accounting Technicians

Guidance Notes for Completing Record of Work Experience

The Qualification
The Accounting Technicians Ireland Diploma for Accounting Technicians has been developed to provide accounting technicians with a recognised qualification which relates directly to their job role.

What is required to achieve the qualification?
There are two aspects to the assessment for this qualification 1. The successful completion of the relevant examinations 2. The successful completion of the Work experience requirements

Why do you need to provide evidence of work experience?
Students need to develop ‘on-the-job’ skills to be effective as a qualified Accounting Technician and be able to apply practical experience to the theory they have learned in the classroom. This in turn provides potential employers with independent reassurance that you have the skills for the job.

What is required for my work experience?
Work experience requirements are based on the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria of the units which make up the Accounting Technicians Ireland Diploma for Accounting Technicians. Students should gain experiential learning through two years full-time employment (or the equivalent part-time) gained at any point prior to submission of their record and supporting information. This could include relevant work experience from a previous job or voluntary activity for a group or society. If in doubt you should contact Accounting Technicians Ireland to ensure they will recognise any evidence you wish to submit prior to the submission. To begin achieving your work experience, you will need to: • Find a workplace mentor(s) (this can be your line manager, employer or a qualified accountant) who is willing to assist with the planning and review of your activities. • The mentor(s) needs to be willing to sign off your documentation upon completion of tasks which directly link to one or more assessment criteria. • Identify accounting or finance tasks and opportunities through which you can gain experience and provide evidence relating to the relevant assessment criteria during your work placements over two years. • Use a diary or learning log to record details of your activities that you can transfer to this Record of Work Experience booklet once you have gained sufficient experience. 2 of 5

Agree with your mentor(s) that you have gained sufficient experience and ask them to provide a confirmation statement that is signed and dated.

Once you are satisfied that you have completed all the requirements submit your signed completed Record of Work Experience to Accounting Technicians Ireland. (Please note that students must have successfully completed all their exams before they can submit this form.)

What areas should I be gaining experience in?
You must confirm and provide information and evidence against the assessment criteria of nine units. There are six mandatory units with a further three units from those available as optional. The titles of the mandatory and optional units are set out below. The mandatory work experience units The optional work experience units 7. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Essential Accounting Skills Advanced Accounting Skills Personal Development for Accounting Technicians Using information Technology Maintaining Accounting Systems Maintaining Statutory Compliance 9. 8. Advanced Taxation Skills Or Budget Preparation and Controls Auditing Processes Or Law in Business Or Payroll Skills Essential Taxation Skills Or Management and Cost Accounting

When do you start recording evidence?
If you are in employment, please start to record your Work Experience as and from the date of your registration as a student of Accounting Technicians Ireland. Note: - If you wish, you may include details of relevant experience prior to the commencement of your course supported by a mentors statement and signature.

If you are not yet in employment, please retain this record. You...
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