diploma 5 health and social care

Topics: Employment, Human rights, Law Pages: 6 (2030 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Unit 1 assignment
Understanding employment rights
1. The information that should be shown on your pay slip is: Your wages before deductions (gross wages)
Either a total amount or an itemized breakdown of any fixed deductions. Any variable deductions broken down (tax)
Your wages after deductions (net wages)
National insurance amount
Pay rate
Additional payments (overtime)
Tax codes
National insurance number
Employees name
Employers name
2. If any of your personal information changes you must report them to your employer. Some examples of this may be if you move house and your address changes also if you get married and change your name or you change your name for any other reason then you must inform your employer so that the information they have is current and up to date. 3. The procedure that a staff member would follow if they wished to raise a grievance within the work place would be, firstly we have a lady within the company who deals with all grievance’s so you would take your issue to her and grapevines policy states that all concerns must be acknowledged within the first 48 hours it then must be investigated within 5 days and then you will receive a letter within 7 days of the outcome or next steps if appropriate. It also then states that the investigation must be fully concluded within 28 days of the first day the grievance was reported. If you are then unhappy with the outcome then you may appeal the decision within a 7 day period the appeal will then take place with a different manager and their decision at appeal is final with no further right to appeal. 4. The agreed ways of working with my employer around the following topics are as follows Data protection – states that all personal information for service users should be kept securely within the home but the service users should have the right to access any of their personal information at any time. Service users must also be protected when passing through any electronical devices in which refer to the service users through their initials rather than full name. Staff personal files must be kept securely within the building and locked away in a cupboard that only the management team have access to. Also any computers that are used for work must be password protected. Grievance that a service user may have- if a service user wishes to make a complaint they can ask a staff member or someone they trust to support them to write an account of what they are making a compliant about they would then give it to the manager or a senior member of the team if they wish to. The home manager would then involve an advocate or social worker if appropriate it would then be dealt with and the service user would then be informed where needed of the outcome. Conflict management- if there is any conflict within the team the manager would hold a meeting with all members involved separately to gather statements of the on goings. They would then try to hold a meeting with all parties together and act as a mediator between them to try to resolve matters informally. If the issues cannot be resolved it would then go to the lady who deals with grievances in which she would contact mentor who would give appropriate advice on actions to take. They could expect the outcome to be heard within 7 days. Anti-discriminatory practice- not to discriminate against anyone, weather this be race, religion, sexuality, gender, transgender, age, disability, ability, we follow and adhere to the equality act 2010 and treat each person as an individual in their own right. Health and safety- to undertake training in manual handling, food hygiene, first aid, coshh, to be aware of your own health and safety, to report any health and safety matters to the manager, to report and remove anything that may be of any danger, to look out for health and safety of the service users we support. Whistleblowing- you can report any matters of concern internally and externally and you can keep your...
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