Dipatch Interview

Topics: Mobile phone, Dispatcher, Cellular network Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: October 10, 2013
1.What are the qualifications to be a 911 dispatcher?
While researching what qualifications were required to be a dispatcher, a few interesting ones came to my attention. In the Dispatch Magazine On-line it describes that a dispatcher must be able to communicate not only verbally, but have good written comprehension as well. They must be able to analyze the situation quickly and efficiently and make fast decisions in an emergency situation. Another point the magazine mentioned was that the person must talk clearly and punctually, when talking over a radio in emergency situations the person on the other end of the line must be able to understand the dispatcher. High School diploma is also a requirement for a dispatcher.

2.Are there certain steps that are required before applying to dispatch job? Every department has different requirements and steps that they have you take before getting accepted for a job. Some departments require a Civil Service Exam to see how knowledgeable the person is. The top few scores are then able to go on for an interview. After that process, the department may also have you take a Speed typing test to make sure you have the typing skills so acceptable documentation will be able to obtained. Also, having first aid and CPR certifications is a big help when applying for a dispatch job.

3.What are the hours of a 911 dispatcher?
According to 911 Dispatch (2010) the schedule of a dispatcher is work three 12 hour shifts and then have two days off. They also have a three day weekend every other weekend. However dispatchers do have on-calls and can be called in whenever it is short staffed. Hours can vary depending on the department.

4.When calling 911, how does the phone route you to the dispatch center? While reading the article Consolidated 911 Center (2012) it mentioned that cell phones and landlines route calls differently. While using a landline, the call is able to be routed to the dispatch by the telephone cables all...
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