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Luxury Retail Management Individual Assignment Luxury Brands Digital & OMNI Retail Strategies

Decoding DIOR
DNA • • • Feminine Princess Sexy CODES • • • Cannage Knot & Oval Rose


Avenue Montaigne
New Look

Distribution Strategy
• Dior Beauty is following a multi-channel distribution strategy worldwide. • Mainly sell products at wholesale to dealers and retailers including department stores. • Also sell beauty products in brand retail store together with ready-to-wear section.

Retail Presence
• With growth much higher than the average in its competitive market, Dior Beauty continued to gain market share globally. • Dior beauty achieved clear successes in all product categories: start from perfumes for both men and women, then makeup, and finally the skincare segment.

On-line and Digital Strategy
• Using the web and social media is a new trend for luxury brands. But being innovative and ambitious while being loyal to the luxury image is not an easy game to play. Dior Beauty is overall growing in an impressive way. • With a strong support from LVMH Group, Dior Beauty is positively developing in diverse digital channels in mature and emerging markets, through both mainstream media and some chic platforms. • Although Dior Beauty sets a good example for luxury brands in on-line and digital strategy, it still failed to make the top 10 list of the digital competence of 56 beauty brands according to L2’s annual Digital IQ Index benchmark.

Can we equally feel the same Dior?

How can Dior Beauty convey its brand DNA and codes, culture, values, quality, craftsmanship and exclusivity on‐line?

• Dior Beauty doesn’t create a totally new website which is independent from Dior. In this way people can potentially get the whole idea about the brand DNA. • Dior Beauty segment is divided into three particular parts: Perfume, Makeup and Skincare. The welcome pages of these three parts are all filled with the new campaign. • Each division is well-organized and user friendly. People can immerse in the Dior world with products introduction, collection images, and abundant knowhow videos. • While browsing, people can also get advise by a simple click.

New Campaign Brand History

Products information & clear collection name

Easy to choose

Direct connection with social media

Code: Cannage Personalized advice Code: Oval



• Various videos can show people the brand history, culture and value proposition. • They also create an atmosphere of exclusivity and provide a guarantee of high quality.

• After selection, clients can easily open their own account and take the order on-line. Easy to order Clients’ recommendations

The challenges
• It is reasonable that the Dior official site can successfully convey its brand DNA and exclusivity on-line. • However, not all the customers visit the official site to order beauty products. Most of on-line consumers still prefer shopping at mass beauty website such as Sephora, Harrods, Taobao, etc. • These websites differ from each other, then how to keep the coherence of the brand DNA with the necessity of adapting to distributors’ style and local culture background is a huge challenge. • Besides, creating a luxury customer experience and also educating its customers on-line is definitely not easy to achieve.

Example: Harrods
• Even though people browse the website of Harrods, they can also feel the brand DNA and culture of Dior Beauty. • The products are segmented in the same way as Dior official site. • All the campaigns and videos are consistent with Dior’s new promotion.

Example: Taobao
• Taobao is the most popular on-line shopping website in China which achieved 1000 billion RMB in 2012. And Dior Beauty made the Top1 in makeup sector. • However, apart from few words about Dior’s history, seldom can people...
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