Dinner with Friends

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Radha Alexander
April 18, 2014
Dinner with Friends by Donald Margulies
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In the play Dinner with friends, two long time couples in their mid-forties, faced with the reality of hurt and betrayal, deal with each other’s problems physically and emotionally. There is Gabe and Karen, who play matchmakers on their friend Tom, he later marries the girl they introduced him to, Beth. This experience went from a nice, lively marriage full of laughter and joy to a devastating outcome of one pair who just did not make it to a long lasting marriage. The author focuses on the aftermath of each character’s personal issues. In the beginning, I thought the play was comical and lively. I felt like I was watching a movie called It’s Complicated, because the actors enjoyed cooking with fancy Italian music, and it had that vibe that it was going to be a funny play. When Beth breaks down about her marriage ending with Tom, the whole mood changes and it showed me that this is going to be an interestingly, sad story. There were scenes that ended abruptly through each person’s performance. In Act 1, scene II, I did not see the buildup between Tom and Beth to end in break up sex. I loved how intense it was it drew more to my attention through the great chemistry of each actor. I enjoyed this play because it was funny, relatable, sad, yet true. Things like this happens to most couples nowadays and it is all about getting through the good, bad, and ugly times. I felt the connection to whether it will happen to me in the future, it made me want to slow down and not settle for less than what I want and deserve in what life has to offer to me. I learned that you could take your best friend’s advice and make it your own or go with what your heart says. Whatever you chose to do will affect how you approach life. The playwright’s central message is all about dealing with life struggles, heartbreaks, and how the outcomes from a situation can alter lives for the better or for...
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