Dinner with Famous Person

Topics: Rapping, Rakim, Eminem Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: November 3, 2010
With such valuable, one- time experience at hand, I would wish to spend not only an entertaining, interesting evening, but one which would also prove valuable, meaningful, and thought provoking. Such an evening might be fulfilled by dinner and conversation with Marshall Mathers. Marshall Mathers was born on October 17, 1972, at Saint Joseph, Missouri. Marshall Mathers is of Scottish, German, Swiss and Polish ancestry. Beside the distinguished honor of meeting this man, I have several reasons for wishing to spend an evening with the best white rapper alive. I suppose one thing I could learn from Marshall Mathers is you should never give up on life, and always express the way you feel. Marshall Mathers is a master at expressing his feelings and talking about his life in his songs. I would find that my philosophy nearly matched his; I should like to learn his secrets. A rapper can only be as successful as his peers and enemies. Mr. Marshall would surely prove a great source of information, on how to have people respect you and how to gain respect from others. An evening of just listening and nodding in assent to the teachings from Marshall, not only yields feeling of inferiority for the listener but also a rather unilateral conversation. I might contribute and show him pictures of memories with different rappers and people he might know, at this point I could ask him if he could show me and take me to where he grew up and show me how it is to grow up in the ghetto of Detroit. The remainder of the evening might be allotted an entertaining exchange of stories about his life and experiences. The conversation would of course place over a delicious meal of lobster tail and clams, with a glass Chardonnay. Now, why I would like to spend an evening with Marshall Mathers, there are many reasons why. One reason is because I have liked his music since he first came out with his first album. He is of Polish decent; I am Polish so that inspires me a lot. Another main...
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