dinner with docter azad

Topics: The Culture, Working class Pages: 4 (1036 words) Published: November 11, 2013
- The text takes place in Brick Lane, London
- It is a working class area, kind of a ghetto, and probably one of the poorest areas in London. - It is Dr. Azad, the tattoo lady, Chanu (dad), Nazneen (mum)

- Nazneen is about 35 years old, she is shy and quiet. She is being suppressed by her husband and it comes to expression when he keeps interrupting her when she speaks. - She doesn’t think that she is allowed to sit at the table before she has served the dinner, when Dr. Azad visits them. - She is brought up to be quiet when men speaks and that means that she can’t tell anyone how she feels and what she wants if she is not being asked. - She is Chanus’ personal housekeeper. He expects her to cook, clean and wash clothes. - She doesn’t speak English, and she has no education. Her only social contact is her sister who is involved in prostitution, back in Bangladesh. They write letters to each other. - She lives in a lower working class area, because they only get financial support from Chanu. Because of her lack of influence she appears weak.

- She feels lonely every day and mentions the live in the flat, as a life in a box. She feels isolated from the world and from other people. Because of her loneliness she has a need to talk to the tattoo lady, but she is to shy, to go talk to her.

More about Nazneen

- She cleans the flat, she cooks, she’ shops at the fair. She does everything that a real housewife does. Nazneen is very proud of her living room because they have got a lot of furniture and rugs of good quality. - There are too many rugs, showcases, chairs, sofas’ and bookcases, compared to the size of the room. I think that she is proud because she knows that even if she was as wealthy as her dad, she wouldn’t own as much as she does now. - She also thinks that she owns more than all her aunties and uncle’s can count in their homes together. - Nazneen is very religious. When Dr. Azad comes to dinner, she gets uncertain...
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