Topics: Family, Psychology, Death, Marriage / Pages: 2 (330 words) / Published: Dec 6th, 2012

Dina has a very interesting character. I look at her personality as strong, courageous woman. She’s been through a lot since she was a kid. It must be hard to come from a wealthy family then things turned around and lose all the wealth when her dad died. She experienced beating from her own brother who treated her like a slave doing all the house chores and taking care of her sick mother. It was hard for her to go to school and manage to study when she’s tired from all the house works but she didn’t give up. Eventually, she enter a marriage life but didn’t take that long because her husband passed away too. She lost two important men in her life but she’s courageous enough to continue facing what lies ahead of her independently. I like Dina’s personality in terms of being brave to show her brother that she’s capable to live by herself, although she’s having a hard time moving on from a heartbreaking death of husband, she’s not giving up life. All her struggles and trials from her brother’s hand the death of dad and husband, I believe is her motivation to continue facing life since she’s been through a lot. I don’t like how she’s treating Om and Ishvar from the first part of the story, I don’t think its right but I know there’s a good reason why she need to do it and that’s to hide the business from the landlord to save their jobs. I think Dina will have a big impact with Om and Ishvar’s life in the story; she’s the key to help these two characters. From the beginning I got so interested to continue reading the story because of a mixed emotions I felt from her character so I think as the story goes on, she’ll present more qualities that will attract the reader and be attach with the story and the rest of the

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