Dimensions Affecting Learning Acquisition of Cte Students in Sdssu-Lianga Campus

Topics: Learning, Machine learning, Education Pages: 18 (4635 words) Published: April 21, 2013

A.Y. 2013-2014

A Research Proposal
Presented to
The Faculty of the College of Teacher Education
Surigao del Sur State University
Lianga Campus

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Research 1


Mark Jason M. Blaya
Jonas Christian S. Estor

March 2013



The pattern of learning acquisition of a child happened in different instances. His intelligence, attitudes, interest and desires underlie the educative (teaching-learning) process. The acquisition of knowledge, formation of habits, skills and his development of abilities and attitudes are conditioned so that learning becomes more meaningful. The student’s capacity to learn varies, thus students can be classified into fast, average and slow learners. Some are high, moderate or slow achievers. The above mentioned types of learners need different conditions in acquiring learning.

According to Gagne’s Condition of Learning, learning process is affected by two conditions, the internal and external conditions that both influenced the learning acquisition of a child (Lucas and Corpuz, 2007). Conditioning is a behavioral process whereby a response becomes more frequent or more predictable in a given environment as a result of reinforcement, with reinforcement typically being a stimulus or reward for a desired response (global.britannica.com) The dimensions that affect learning acquisition as determined by Kurt Lewin have inner and outer forces. Inner forces includes intrinsic motivation, feeling and attitude while the outer forces includes peers/classmates, classroom climate, and teacher’s behavior. Those forces play a vital role on generating learning on the part of the students, because it will determine the factors that influence most of the students in gaining knowledge.

Learning is viewed as an experiential process resulting in a relatively permanent change in behavior that cannot be explained by temporary states, maturation, or innate response tendencies (Lefroncois, 2007). Learning is the most part in education. It is an indispensable design of every school wherein learning most occur and the one who is responsible for the process is the teacher. Learner agents are teachers; they conduct, guide and encourage pupils to learn. They can help motivate these pupils’ development and advancement in learning. Students in other hand would keep a stride to counterbalance the teacher’s role because learning is a-two way- process (Demasuay and Raza, 2013).

The main goal of the teacher is to transfer learning. He should promote positive transfer of learning in classroom, guided with methods and techniques in teaching learning process. Transfer can be defined as a process of extending knowledge acquired in one context to other context. (Byrnes, 2001). It is the most complex part of the teaching learning process because there are varied types of learning in a single classroom that needs different attention and approaches just to acquire knowledge. Thus, it is a role of a teacher on how he will make adjustments to make the learning process more meaningful.

The teacher plays a vital role in the transfer of learning. It is said that the aim of teaching is to promote and produced desirable changes in behavior which will carry over into new situations. If the teacher lacks knowledge, how could he facilitate learning? The teacher serves as foundation of learning; therefore, it is significant for him to know the character of techniques play in implementing and refining principles for effective deliberation of knowledge to his learners.

The teacher may know many things and be ready to teach his pupils, but he will have little success on his profession unless he has knowledge of the mind of his pupils and knows what goes on there. Through this study, the factors that...
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