Diligent Notes

Topics: Anglicanism, Slavery, São Tomé and Príncipe Pages: 3 (684 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Part 7: Assou
Chapter 23
1.There were no slaves and it was very dangerous.
2.Assou was the former protector of the French when he was driven out of Whydah. Assou found Catholicism illogical, and it repulsed him that the people who believed in it, essentially ate their God because it was believed that Jesus’s body was held in the bread and wine that they ate and drank.

Chapter 24
1.King Huffon’s and Assou’s armies were surprised to see such a large force marching toward them. Although Assou’s men fought bravely, many of King Huffon’s soldiers retreated, allowing the Dahomey army to trap Assou’s forces. 2.Etienne Gallot was known as the “little white man”. During the fall of Savi, he deserted the French forces and joined the army of the Dahomey and soon became a military advisor to King Agaja. Later, he married Assou’s doughter. Gallot was also often used as a translator. 3.Assou turned on the Europeans because all of the European directors who had supported Assou were either dead or in flight, their successors promised King Agaja that they would no longer support Assou.

Chapter 25
1.The Deligent went straight for Jakin, because Durand had convinced Captain Mary, that since they had harbored the fugitive Pierre Verger, they could be subject to arrest by the French Director on Whydah.

Part 8: Jakin
Chapter 26
1.The Diligent fired seven of its eight cannons in a salute to announce its arrival at Jakin. 2.Robert Durand was assigned to be the commander of the tent. He was also in charge of replenishing the ships water and he had authority to trade merchandise for slaves or gold.

Chapter 27
1.Durand was moved from the tent to the warehouse, because both Captain Mary and Second Captain Valteau had both gotten sick from being stationed there. 2.It was described as a Beautiful place and commercial. But, it was very unhealthy 3.D

Chapter 28
1.One of the main sources from which the slaves came to Jakin was from King Agaja’s wars in which...
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