Topics: Employment, Full-time, Disability insurance Pages: 3 (741 words) Published: May 12, 2014
The Department Store Dilemma
There are several issues presented in this dilemma. One is about Mary-Alice’s heart condition and the restrictions in the company’s medical insurance program. In order to become a full time worker at Bassfield Department Store, the policy states that the employee must pass the physical exam. Due to the fact that Mary-Alice failed the exam, the personnel manager Bill Chaves thinks that she should be terminated because it violates the company’s policy. However, there are other employees who disagree with him. Adele Stafford, manager of the women’s sportswear department, recommended to Wheatley that an exception should be made in this case because of Mary-Alice’s excellent performance as a salesperson. The issue is that Mary-Alice has proven herself reliable, she is the kind of employee Bassfield Department Store looks for, but Wheatley also has to take in consideration what the written policy is. According to the book, attracting and retaining the best employees is the key to success in the competitive business environment. In this case, if they terminate her, they lose a valuable employee. If Wheatley keeps her, he has to make sure that all the other employees get the same treatments later on.

Moreover, Mary-Alice not only develops a strong bond with other coworkers, she also relates well to the customers. As it stated “ many had gone out of their way to tell Adele Stafford how much they enjoyed dealing with Mary-Alice.” Therefore, her termination would probably upset some customers and her coworkers. On the other hand, “several employees have also told the personnel manager that it is unfair to Mary-Alice to release her now, since it was his own

oversight” as it mentioned. The personnel manager Bill Chaves should be held accountable for his oversight if Wheatley decides to terminate Alice.
There are several realistic alternatives for Wheatley to consider. One alternative is to terminate Mary-Alice, making sure that there will...
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