Dil Will Pyar

Topics: Cryptography, Digital signature, Communication Pages: 2 (380 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Total marks: 12 + 08 = 20
Deadline = 27-06-13 Rules for Marking
It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if: 1. The assignment is submitted after due date.
2. The assignment is copied.

The objectives of this assignment are:
▪ Giving the idea of the message security.
▪ To become familiar with the safe and secure transactions. ▪ To enhance skills regarding understanding of different encryption techniques.

Question No. 1

Consider that ABC University is well reputed and highly ranked university among other universities of the world.

Suppose Mr. Omer is the country coordinator in Pakistan’s campus of ABC University situated in Australia. Another campus of the same university is in Dubai. From his system in Pakistan, Mr. Omer communicates with both offices via e-mail messages and other means of communication messaging over the internet. For secure communication different cryptographic techniques have been used on the internet.

Mr. Omer shares confidential information every day with the higher management sitting in Australia & Dubai campuses. Any data outflow and hacking can cause downfall of the University, so a secure communication is needed among all campuses.

Let’s say that the messaging is done by implementing the public key cryptography under the digital signature technology. There are number of processes done on sender and receiver side to secure the messages and keep them safe from hackers.

Now answer the below questions from the above mentioned scenario;

i. How the authenticity at Mr. Omer’s side will be checked by the receiver side in Australia & Dubai?

ii. Original Message of Mr. Omer will be scrambled at sender side before sending on the internet, there is a term digitally signed used for scrambled message. When does a message called as “Signed digitally”?

iii. A person...
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