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Sarah Manuel
Effective Speaking
Persuasive Speech Outline

Digital Photography or Film Photography?
General Goal: to persuade my audience
Specific Goal: I would like my audience to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both film and digital photography but persuade them to switch over to digital photography. Thesis Statement: The beauty of photography is in its immediacy and adaptability. Introduction:

i. How many of you think film photography and the black room process is much better than digital photography? ii. Would you rather use it in today’s time or go digital? iii. Well this is why I would say each of you should go digital!

i) Why must you switch to digital:

a) Most pressing concern for those of you in favor of film photography would be the image quality, but digital images are equal to and often much better than those shot by film photography. b) The reason one should make this switch is because once digital images are captured, you can use them immediately and in any format. c) One can always adjust the camera settings according to the image they want to shoot quite easily and get to review it instantly.

ii) Here are the advantages for switching to digital:

a) Saves money in the long run
b) Digital cameras have the ability to show instant images
c) You can review your images and adjust/edit before printing. d) No more waiting to finish a film roll to print out
e) No use of toxic processing
f) Gives you freedom to explore creative photography

iii) Here are the disadvantages of film photography:
a) Have bulkier equipment
b) You have to wait for processing
c) More moving parts to wear out
d) Non DSL-R do not have many lens options
e) Memory limited to the film roll size
f) More money spent on processing and film rolls
g) Film and Paper prints deteriorate over time
h) Moving from color to black and white or vice-versa is difficult

i) Digital is always better,...
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