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Legal and Ethical Considerations:

Main Challenges

1. Understanding the moral risks of new technology. Millions of records on private citizens now available over the counter pose a threat to privacy. Principles of right and wrong

2. Establishing corporate ethics policies that include information systems issues.

Main Social Legal and Ethical issues:

1. Privacy & personal information
2. Freedom if speech
3. Can we trust computers?
4. Intellectual property
5. Computer Crime
6. General social issues
7. Ethics

Ethical Values to be considered while we start any Digital Marketing:

Under what conditions the privacy of others should be invaded?

What legitimates intruding into others’ lives through unobtrusive surveillance, through market research, or by whatever means?

Do we have to inform people that we are eavesdropping?

Do we have to inform people that we are using credit history information for employment screening purposes?

Ethical issues in Marketing

Marketing ethics deals with the moral principles behind the operation and regulation of marketing. Possible fundamental frameworks of analysis for marketing audit are:

Value-oriented framework, ethical problems on the basis of the values which they infringe e.g. honesty, autonomy, privacy, transparency.

Stakeholder-orientated framework, analyzing ethical problems on the basis of whom they affect e.g. consumers, competitors, society as a whole

Process-orientated framework, analyzing ethical problems in terms of the categories used by marketing specialists e.g. research, price, promotion, placement

Specific issues in marketing ethics:

Market research: ethical danger points in marketing research include:

- Invasion of privacy

- Stereotyping

Market audience: ethical danger points include

- targeting the vulnerable e.g. children, the elderly

- Excluding potential customers from the market: selective marketing is used to discourage demand from undesirable market sectors or disenfranchise them altogether.

Pricing ethics: list of unethical pricing practice:

- Price fixing

- Price skimming

- Price discrimination

- Price wars

- Bid rigging

- Dumping

Advertising and promotion: ethical pitfall:

- Issues over truth and honesty

- Issues with violence, sex and profanity

- Taste and controversy

- Negative advertising

FTC Recommends More Government Regulation for Marketers:

Protecting consumer privacy is a good thing, and the Federal Trade Commission has always been very serious about safeguards on the collection and use of online data. Thus far, the FTC has largely allowed the industry to self-regulate.

This has resulted in industry initiatives like the AboutAds self regulatory program. AboutAds asks site owners to prominently place an icon linking to information about how behavioral data is collected and used online.

The Relationship between Ethical, Social, and Political Issues in an Information Society


Problem Definition: Currently travelers who are intended to travel International through United Airlines have no particular idea in organizing their travel time at the target location. World is developing day by day same like Digital users. Even though we have separate loyal customers for United Airlines, most among them are Digital users in this current environment. The travelers are reaching the helpdesk quite often enquiring flight status, rental car and hotel in the target location. United has a digital business strategy to attract travelers with good customer service, but we see United doesn’t have a social networking app to save their travelers time to accommodate and plan their travel. The main problem I see getting access to the...
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