Digital Revolution of the 21st Century

Topics: Warner Music Group, Record label, Warner Bros. Records Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: September 22, 2011
“Digital Revolution of the 21st Century”
The digitization of music has produced a revolution in the music industry transforming the way music is created and consumed. High-speed internet connections have become a part of international culture, making it faster to copy and transmit digital music on a widespread level. Because of this, more people are copying and sharing tracks, initiating copyright anxieties in the music industry. At the same time, the reduced cost of Internet distribution provides an arena for many no-names to release music that before might never have been seen or heard outside a garage. (Noguchi) Warner Music Group has embraced this change to digital media with the creation of a new “e-label”, intended solely for the production of music to be marketed and distribution via the Internet.

With new production processes, comes inevitable organizational change within the music industry. The switch to digital music has stimulated a search for modernized copyright and other forms of protection of intellectual property appropriate for the digital age. Preventing piracy is becoming less of a priority, shifting the focus to ways this widespread release of music content can benefit both the record labels and artists. With the addition of new digital music labels, there will be less big, major, global artists as records are less expensive to produce and market through internet sites. Selling 15,000 units could be very successful whereas sales of 500,000 and up were considered successful in the past.

“With fast connections finally becoming widespread, software, computers, advertising and entertainment are changing fast. That’s creating new business opportunities.” (Dudley) This switch to digital formats may seem before its time to some, but being the CD is digital, it has been going on for 20 years. Nonetheless, being that downloads are only 4% of the marketplace, it is estimated to be around 10 years before digital downloads will equal CD...

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