Digital Natives of the 21st Century

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Digital Natives of the 21st Century
Around 77% of AP and NWP teachers say that digital media and the internet have a positive impact on students (Purcell 1). The use of internet in teenagers lives can be beneficial in ways that reflect tomorrow’s world. Technology is deeply established in most teens' lives. This means that today's ‘techies’ will be tomorrow's technological leaders, pushing the country toward innovation and discoveries. (Parallelism) Adults and teenagers can all agree that technology is for the better, especially for the world to come, and I concur that it’s shaping the lives of tomorrow positively. The way we search the web for information takes a lot of skill; it is like conditioning of the brain to find information quickly. Ninety-five percent of students use the internet, a concept that wasn’t even possible in 1950. Many times during school when assigned a project, students are lectured on how to find reliable information and proper techniques on how to use it. Purcell, a Pew Internet contact, states all teachers can agree that “the internet enables students to access a wider range of resources than would otherwise be available,” and makes us self reliable researchers (1). Ads, titles, quotes, links and other distractions help a skimmer find the information they need and be able to multitask through many sites and tabs to attain the needed facts and figures. (Parallelism) Having the world at your fingertips to search anything possible makes it beneficial in a time of need; this also prepares us for careers when we need to find data. Even now as I write this essay and look for reliable media I am testing my brain and working it in ways that people of nomadic times or even fifty years ago couldn’t. Most teens complete tasks while searching the internet, listening to music and spending time on social media. In some ways this could be bad but it trains the brain to multitask effectively. Thinking is a network function so multitasking makes...

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