Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Topics: Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Copyright, Digital rights management Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: April 21, 2013
I would consider the sharing and downloading of songs from the Internet to be wrong when a purchase isn’t made to obtain the download. When ecommerce is circumvented and a song is downloaded from the Internet the effects are felt beyond the large music record companies. The fans of that artist, the employees that manufacture the digital media, even you as the person downloading the content will have consequences. If the demand for a product is high the price for such product does not have to be high. Thus, if I along with many others download my favorite artist’s song the consequences ripple far past the wealthy record companies. The fans willing to pay will have a higher cost because demand is not reflected accurately. The companies that develop products to create this digital media will have fewer jobs to offer/may require terminating employees. I will feel the effects because my favorite artiest may not put out music due the demand not being accurate. This is a very interesting topic to discuss because here there are laws that protect copyrighted material, as well as technology that solely are used to uphold these laws. In fact, it seems that the technology are the laws regarding digital media and when avoided they are broken. “Once constrains on behavior are built into the technical standards governing a technology, the technical standards effectively become a new method for governing used of the technology- in essence, the technical standards become a type of law.”(Textbook)

Lending a CD to a friend is ok. There isn’t infringement to copyrights, and the rights management system is not undermined when doing so. For instance manufactures decide the rules of with the digital media can be used. “In the Case of rights management systems, copyright owners determine the rules that are embedded into the technological controls. By implementing technical constraints on access to and use of digital information, a copyright owner can effectively...
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