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Postgraduate diploma in Media management
Date: March 2014
Question 2: Journalism that uses digital and social media platforms had spawned both threats and opportunities for old ‘old’ media such as newspapers, radio and television stations. Identify and discuss the new types of journalisms and explore how they could threaten or boost the sustainability and profitability of traditional media Declaration: I hereby declare that this is my own and does not include any plagiarised material Signature:

The following essay will briefly outline what digital and social media are. Then discuss how these platforms have brought about threats and opportunities for old media .Furthermore identify and discuss the new types of journalisms and therefore explore how they could threaten or boost sustainability and profitability of traditional media in Africa. Digital and Social Media

Social media refers to interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Furthermore, social media depend on mobile and web-based technologies to create highly interactive platforms through which individuals and communities share, co-create and discuss. They introduce changes to communication between organizations, communities, and individuals. Social media has been around since humans began to talk. One of the first signs of human social media was cave wall paintings (reference). Some of the earliest forms of social media were not digital. The Internet has profoundly changed the human experience. We use the Web to find information, buy and sell products, watch television shows, seek mates, search for entertainment, and participate in political spheres (Gil de Zúñiga et al.: 2009, Gil de Zúñiga, Veenstra, Vraga, & Shah, in press and Park, Kee, & Valenzuela, 2009). The Internet is part of our everyday lives, and who we are guides how we use it. According to Hinsley and Zúñiga (2010) social media use as the particular consumption of digital media or Internet that has little to do with traditional informational media use. Rather, it provides a mechanism for the audience to connect, communicate, and interact with each other and their mutual friends through instant messaging or social networking sites (Duarte, 2009:25). Through the continuous evolution of mass digital media both threats and opportunities for old media emerged. Due to the evolution of digital media organisations have had to rethink some of their basic ideas about journalism and the role of audience if they hope to remain essential resources to their readers & viewers. According to Picard (2004) “Managers have adopted strategies...” The way we communicate and consume media is changing. This is affecting old media channels and creating an explosion in the media market.

Threats for Old Media
Due to digital media old media is under pressure. The profession of journalism is also under pressure. According Witschge and Nygren, journalism is competing between two sides of professionalism – organisational (from outside) and occupational (from inside) (2009). New media has brought a change in market dynamics with more consumer choice in how/where we consume and share information. This change is breaking down old media markets. Existing firms are being forced to try and communicate with potential new generational and innovative customers through new media. According to Picard “Market changes altered the goals and practices of newspapers, allowing capitalism to become the main factor in determining content in media companies” (2004:58) .The quality of newspapers changed due to the change in market dynamics(Picard:2004). Companies had to adapt in order to survive. News became a commodity valued more for its profitability than for its role in informing or persuading the public on issues (Picard, 2004). Through the continuous evolution of mass digital media, issues of trust, truth, bias and...
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