Digital Marketing Plan - Learn to Play Music

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Digital Marketing plan for
‘Learn2Play Music’

Name:Erik Gyzen
Student No:
Location:Sydney, Australia

Course:Diploma in Online Marketing & Digital Strategy

Lecturer:Keith Feighery

Word Count:4,324


1. Company Introduction – Situation Analysis

2. Business Objectives, Goals, KPIs

3. Strategy and Audience
Targeting - Personas and channels
Value Proposition for each Persona
(Engagement & Acquisition Strategy)

4. Tactics and Actions
SEO – Keywords, On-Page, Off-Page Optimization
PPC – Pay per Click
Social Media – Facebook, Blog, Twitter, You Tube

Act & Convert
Website Optimization

Engage & Retain
Email Marketing
Editorial Calendar

5. Control

6. References

1. Company Introduction – Situation Analysis

Learn2Play Music is a business established in 1994 and located in a high traffic shopping area in Caringbah (South Sydney). They teach music on site in a safe one-on-one format in private studios. However they also have a sizeable retail shop onsite for music instruments and other items. Just on 100,000 people live within a 10 km radius in which 10,000 are students aged between 6 -18. Little fact: 20% of kids learn to play music whilst 70% of adults wished they had! Over the years, statistics show a slight decline in the participation rate in music as other forms of art become more accessible. There is also a 30% drop off as students reach 13 and another 30% by the age of 15. Only 15% continue playing at 17(1).

Lessons are tailored around the student’s goals in a fun, safe and friendly environment. This is exemplified in their Rock School and Jazz Ensembles where students share in performances. Late last year, the whole business was bought & sold. Unfortunately with the slowing economy, business has dropped off a little to about 300 students. The owner is keen to increase turnover by 20% to $1+M through more lessons and retail shopping. They have a website receiving a steady 600 visits per month along with an online catalogue and a Facebook page with 1,300 likes. Traditional channels like letter drops, newspaper ads, outdoor signage, school sponsorship have had limited success. So the time is ripe to leverage a digital marketing approach! This is not about more broadcasting, but about better interactions and engagements with our customers. And being flexible and quick to adapt our strategies and actions as we learn. There are five other music stores and over a thousand music teachers in the locality so there is a plenty of competition(2)(3).

2. Business Objectives, Goals and KPIsSMART format

There are four broad objectives for the business over the next 12 months:

1. Increase reach, awareness & engagement by 50%
2. Reduce customer attrition by 20%
3. Increase overall sales turnover by 20%
Increase number of students and lessons by 20%
Increase number of shoppers and spend by 20%

These objectives are broken down and quantified further in the table below:

3. Strategy & Audience

Learn2Play Music is positioned as a high quality learning centre in a convenient centralised location that is safe, fun and friendly. It has many years of experience and an untarnished reputation. There are four different personas that best fit to the products and services. It is important to describe who they are along with their interests and motivations. This will help guide the best manner to reach, communicate, engage, convert and retain them. (6) Personas & channels

The table below summarises the personas, their goals & favoured channels.

Aspirational Mother(5)
Teenage Rampage(9)
Old Rocker (6)

Shopper (5), (6)


Guys & Girls
30 - 45

10 – 18
45 - 65
30 - 65

High School
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