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Digital: New Frontier of Marketing

• Context - Changing world and changing consumer • What Brands seek & What Marketing does • Traditional vs. Digital – Is it a choice? • Summary - 4 new Orders of Marketing


The World is changing
• Deep changes in technology, demographics, business, the economy and the world, we are entering a new age where people take part in economy like never before • Growing accessibility of information & technology puts the tools required to collaborate, create value and compete at everybody’s fingertips. • Smart companies have started encouraging the growth of massive online communities.


Consumers are changing

Create Control




Nature Of Communication Has Changed Significantly
Whistle-blowers Disgruntled employee Dirty company secret Effect social change Agenda headlines Opinion former Call the newspapers Confronts boss Buried in the boardroom Million men march The 9’o clock news CEO keynote speech

Tweet the shareholders Starts FB group Buzzing on social media 140 characters 24 hour rolling news SEO keyword search


India is the 3rd Largest Internet Market in the World

Source : Trendspotting


What Brands seek is…




What Marketing does…






Because the reality is…
• Consumer will always remain at the heart of Marketing • Consumer Insight and Creativity will drive consumer engagement


How consumers are interacting

On Twitter, @PingChat wrote "@OldSpice You have started something big..."


What the campaign did
• Day 1 the campaign received almost 6 million views (that’s more than Obama’s victory speech)

• On day 3 the campaign had reached over 20 million views & over 40 mln in a week! • Facebook fan interaction was up 800%, website traffic was up 300% • The campaign has generated 1.4 billion impressions in 6 months of launching the ads • The campaign increased sales by 27% over the first 6 months since launching (year on year)

• In the last 3 months sales were up 55%, and in the last month sales were up 107% from the social responses campaign work • Old spice is now the #1 body wash brand for men.


Marketers would continue to look for
• • Create Greater Consumer Relevance Big Ideas! Engagement is the key word • Engagement, connection, community, media

• •

Increased ROI • More for Less Consumer and Marketing Intelligence • Need to collect, report, analyze and predict


Is it really Traditional VS. Digital Marketing?


Is the onset of ‘digital era’ really different from the past? • • • • How is it different from onset of TV channels? How is it different from FM coming onto the scene of AM? Are cinema halls dead? Is DD extinct?

Why does it have to be a CHOICE?!


The digital space
Considers both, the technology and how the consumer interaction happens with it. Not just the internet, it is… • Fixed web • Mobile web • SMS • IVR Technology that enables consumers to interact with the Brand


Interactions in the Online space are non-linear

Social / Reviewers / Online PR / Online Retail

(Advertising, Interest, Exploration)



Site Visit


The 4 New Marketing Orders
1. It is a new world defined by technology and consumer control • Consumers today have a complex relationship with media: it poses challenges as to how and where to engage with them. • Consumers trust consumers more than they trust brands. The consumer is now a creator/sharer/distributor; learn to harness and inspire that.


The 4 New Marketing Orders
2. Adaptive marketing is the new model
• Digital is as mainstream as print in many categories • E.g. Telecom, Travel, Banking, Automobiles • Real time response • It’s not ‘push and forget’ anymore but ‘pull and retain’ • Real Time Change is here - Intelligence and analytics


The 4 New...
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