Digital Entertainment Revolution

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Joseph Cromartie
Professor Kernisky
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Digital Entertainment Revolution

The shift from analogue to digital is changing the face of entertainment. New devices and services, as well as high speed ways to access content is forcing independent filmmakers and major studios to reexamine the way they do business as a whole. From iPods to mp3 players and even cell phones the way society gets its entertainment is changing rapidly. The combination of recent technological advances in filmmaking equipment, and the speed and availability of broadband internet is changing the way business is done in the film and television industries by both creating cheaper and more convenient distribution routes to consumers, and broadening the scope of who can create content for consumers. A fundamental change is happening with home entertainment. This change is the shift from analog to digital products and services. Consumers now receive digital entertainment on multiple forms, in multiple formats, and through multiple services models throughout their homes and while their on the go. This presents huge opportunities for content producers, distributors and equipment manufactures. By utilizing a digital production model, they now have the creative freedom to deliver their content to people anytime and from anywhere. New devices such as personal video recorders and content jukeboxes, and other means of accessing content mean that consumers can now watch TV on the Internet, download movies on demand to their TV or carry around their entire music collection in their pocket. As a result, the entire broadcasting value chain is being turned on its head. According to Gary Eastwood, writer and editor in business and technology for Business Insights, the home networking and digital home products industries are between early success and future growth opportunities. With more then 25 million US households with broadband connections,...

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