Digital Audio

Topics: Sound, Digital audio, Media technology Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: May 5, 2011
Craig Gayle
Digital Audio

Digital Audio refers to the reproduction and the transmissions of a stored sound in a digital format. This includes things like CDs or mp3s and other forms of sound that can be stored on a computer. In contrast for instance say the telephone system, which is stored in a completely different format which is called the analogue system. In sound recording and reproduction systems, digital audio refers to a digital representation of the audio waveform for processing. Digital Audio came about due to its usefulness when recording and distribution in sound. The modern day usage of this system is through the internet to post put songs on web pages and videos on YouTube depends on digital recording and digital HYPERLINK "" \o "Audio compression (data)" compression algorithms. One of the good things about using this system is that it reduces the cost of the distribution because it is not a physical object. Also it is very easy to access because nowadays if people want something or need something they go on the internet. In an analog system sounds are usually made physically and are recorded into a mic which is transformed into a electrical representation of a waveform, which is stored or transmitted. Analog audio signals are susceptible to noise and distortion, unavoidable due to the innate characteristics of electronic circuits and associated devices. In the case of purely analog recording and reproduction, numerous opportunities for the introduction of noise and distortion exist throughout the entire process. When audio is digitized, distortion and noise are introduced only by the stages that precede conversion to digital format, and by the stages that follow conversion back to analog. Digital Audio Workstation or DAW is one of the commonly used terms in home music production environment. Yet some are still confused especially the beginners in music production with no electrical/sound...
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