Digi Proposal Outline

Topics: Marketing, Scientific method, Wangsa Maju LRT station Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: June 23, 2013
1.0 Introduction
DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd is one of the largest telecommunication services providers in Malaysia and started operating in the year 1995. There are two business lines that provided by DiGi which are voice service and data service. Voice service consists of DiGi prepaid, DiGi postpaid, international services, and fixed telephony. The Data service includes mobile internet and broadband internet. Based on our research, we found that DIGI has the lowest market share among the major competitors. From the research, Maxis has 38.9%, Celcom has 33.37%, and DiGi has only 27.73% of market share (Felicity, 2012). 2.0 Problem Definition

To identify the determinants factors that induces consumers in selecting the telecommunication company. 3.0 Research Objectives
1. To determine what are the factors that cause DiGi to have the lowest market share among the three big players including Maxis and Celcom. 2. To determine the satisfaction level of DiGi users towards the service provided. 4.0 Hypotheses

1. Customers are not satisfied with the quality of line service provided by DiGi. (Product) 2. Customers feel that the call plan rate provided by DiGi is low. (Price) 3. Customers are not interested in the sales promotion offered by DiGi. (Promotion) 4. Customers find DiGi’s advertisement to be attractive. (Promotion) 5. Customers find it difficult to get DiGi products and services. (Place) 5.0 Methodology

For this project, we will be doing a descriptive research because we are collecting data from the research to prove the hypothesis that we have formed. The research is also in quantitative nature in which we will be surveying 120 respondents. The questions in the questionnaire are all close-ended questions so that the respondents can simply choose the most suitable answers. This eases the survey as they do not have to think of the answers on their own. We will be doing a randomized street intercept for our field survey and all the...
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