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Digi Telecommunications
Digi uses Sugar Professional™ to manage enterprise customer relationships and ensure high level of customer satisfaction Company Profile Headquarters Shah Alam, Malaysia Company Description DiGi is a leading mobile communications company providing a comprehensive range of affordable, convenient and easy to use wireless services to simplify and enrich the lives of its customers. Users 200 Employees for Sales and Support Customers Serves over 7.2 million mobile customers across the country Solution Sugar Professional Implementation Partner Enjoying a leadership position in a growing industry brings many rewards but also a number of growing pains. Digi, like other telecommunications providers, is quite focused on customer acquisition and satisfaction. In order to better service customer through the sales cycle, Digi decided to turn to the CRM experts at iZeno and SugarCRM®. If there is one defining story in the technology world today, it is most likely the explosive growth of mobile communications. It is well known that there are more mobile handsets than personal computers and that each of them has more computing power than the NASA computers that placed a man on the moon. This trend is connecting people all across the world and acting as a great leveler as people are able to communicate and collaborate more seamlessly. Leading this charge in Malaysia is Digi Telecommunications, which serves over seven million mobile customers in its home market. over integrating their CRM with other application. The company leader were also concerned about date control and response times. “We were not comfortable with our customer data residing outside our country,’ said Schutt. “We also needed to have control over uptime and performance.” Based on these needs, Digi began to work with iZeno, A SugarCRM Gold Partner located in Singapore, to implement Sugar Professional On-Site. iZeno helped Digi break down the key processes that needed improvements and developed an implementation plan that would map Sugar Professional with core systems to automate: • • • • • • • • Leads identification and tracking Proposal Generation Accounts validation Approval matrix Contract Generation Order fulfillment tracking Billing system integration Reporting

CASE STUDY: Digi Telecommunications


Like many companies, Digi salespeople relied on homegrown processes to manage customer. These methods led to common problems associated with sales information that is not centralized. Digi faced challenges understanding the status of opportunities, inputting data manually into multiple systems, tracking proposal approval status and lines activation status, and tracking the success of marketing campaigns. “Management did not have a complete view of what was going on in the sales cycle,” said Christian Schutt, Head of Operations at Digi. “We needed real-time visibility into what was happening with accounts and better sharing of information to make sure our sales teams were on the same page.

“iZeno has the business and technical knowhow to manage a large and complex CRM implementation,” said Schutt. “With iZeno and SugarCRM we found the product and the expertise to deploy an effective CRM system.”

“With iZeno and SugarCRM we found the product and the expertise to deploy an effective CRM system.” Christian Schutt Head of Operations Digi

iZeno and Sugar

In evaluating CRM systems, Digi focused on vendors who would provide the most flexibility www.s u g a r c r m .c om 1 0 0 5 0 N o r t h Wo l f e R o a d  S W 2 - 1 3 0  C u p e r t i n o , C A 9 5 0 1 4  T: 4 0 8 . 4 5 4 . 6 9 0 0  F : 4 0 8 . 8 7 3 . 2 8 7 2


The Results

iZeno worked with Digi to deploy Sugar Professional to 200 sales people. The SugarCRM partner not only helped with the deployment but also the training and user acceptance that is critical to any successful implementation. iZeno tailored SugarCRM’s easy-to-use interface with customized fields...
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