Digestive System

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Digestive System

We all have to eat food to survive when the average person eat food we don’t think about all the things your body have to do just to digest what we ate this short essay I will explain to you the process of how we digest food. Digestion times vary between people but on the average it takes 24-72 hours for our body’s to digest food. The first process with digestion is ingestion which means the chewing process while we chew food it’s broken up in the mouth with saliva and forms into a ball for swallowing called bolus the amylase in our saliva starts to breakdown starches and simple sugar from there the food go down the esophagus to the stomach. When your food hit your stomach hydrochloric acid breaks the food down more turning the food into chyme once this process is over the chyme is released into our small intestines a little at a time. When the chyme hit the small intestine this starts the real digestion process the pancreas, gall bladder and duodenum release digestive enzymes to break down the food even more and turn it into a chemical component and the chemical elements of the food are absorbed in our blood stream this process alone can take up to 6 hours. When the food leaves the small intestine it moves to the large intestine water and minerals are removed from the chyme making it solid so it can turn into fecal matter and it prepares the body to get ready for elimination the colon is approximately 5-6 feet long and it could take 30-40 hours for food to pass through. This is the entire process of food going through our body daily some foods are different and can be processed before others because our digestive system digest at different rates for different foods most carbohydrates process faster and is eliminated first.


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