Digestion and Stomach Function

Topics: Digestion, Stomach, Digestive system Pages: 4 (1074 words) Published: February 26, 2014

Project 3.2.2 and Project 3.2.3: Student Resource Sheet

Use the information found below to guide your research and to design your model. Guiding questions are broken down by assignment. Take notes, answer questions, and complete sketches in your laboratory journal. 1. Oral cavity, pharynx, (must also include accessory organs such as salivary glands, tongue, and teeth) What is the oral cavity and what does it contain?

The oral cavity contains the tongue and teeth.
What is the function of the salivary glands?
Salivary glands are responsible for excreting saliva which helps with chewing and swallowing. The saliva is the first step to digestion; enzymes in the saliva begin the process. What is the function of the tongue?

The tongue is important for chewing and swallowing, as well as speech and taste. What is a bolus?
A mass of food at the moment of swallowing.
Where are the soft and hard palate located and what are their functions? The hard palate of the mouth is located behind the upper teeth, this palate holds the roots of the upper teeth and is important for speech. The soft palate is made up of muscles and is behind the hard palate, these muscles aid in swallowing and yawning. What mechanical and chemical digestion occurs in the oral cavity? Mechanical digestion is when the food is being chewed, the chemical digestion occurs when the enzymes in the saliva begin the digestion of the food. What mechanisms are in place to make sure food does not “go down the wrong tube” and into the windpipe? The back part of the mouth, the soft palate of muscle closes off the nasal cavity so that food doesn’t go up the nose. As the food moves down the esophagus, the larynx moves forward and seals off the airway so that the food doesn’t go into the lungs.

2. Esophagus and Stomach
What is peristaltic movement and how does it function in the esophagus? Peristaltic movement is the waves of muscle that push food down the esophagus towards the stomach. Does any...
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