diffwrance between discriptive & intergrative bargaining

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Differences Between Distributive Bargaining & Integrative Bargaining by Evangeline Marzec, Demand Media

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There are two main approaches to any negotiation situation: distributive and integrative strategies. Each are useful in specific contexts, and the same negotiator may use either strategy depending upon their goal. We encounter distributive negotiation every time we buy a car or ask for a discount on an as-is item. Integrative negotiations happen on an ongoing basis, such as agreeing to let our children go to bed an hour later in exchange for mowing the lawn. Ads by Google

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Distributive Basics
Distributive negotiation is appropriate in "divide the pie" situations, when there is a fixed amount of resources and whatever one party gains, the other party loses. Usually it's employed when the parties don't know each other and don't believe they will need to develop a relationship with each other for use in the future. A distributive approach to negotiation is usually what we encounter when we make a purchase. Distributive Tactics

In distributive bargaining, it's best to keep information to yourself while trying to get information out of the other party. Let them make the first offer, since this lets you know what they're willing to give up. Do tell them about alternatives you have, such as competing offers for what you're selling, or interest in a product that competes with the one they're selling if you're the buyer. But be willing to make concessions in order to reach a realistic outcome....
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