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Difficulty Paper: “Near Taurus”

In many respects, “Near Taurus” was a mystery text that perplexed my thought process as I read this masterpiece. For me, as an average reader, I found this piece to be a very difficult to understand; so much so that I can say this is one of the most difficult works I have ever read. The grammar, the stylistic language, the lack of information made the story that much harder to comprehend. However as I read this text multiple times to understand what is being conveyed, I am still grasping new information by reading in a different perspective.

Here is what I came to understand of this story. Let’s take a look at the very first line of this piece, “After the rains had come and gone we went down the reservoir” (13). This first line gives us an indication that this is an outside scenery and is beautifully introduced to us readers. The author jumps straight into the scene and it made me contemplate as to where this setting could be at. I then looked back at the title and it hit me that this was outdoors, maybe on a mountain and the characters where looking to the stars. “Taurus”, one of the constellations of the zodiac, is the main topic of this story. There are two people who are looking to the sky and are looking for the Taurus, but see other ones like Orion (13). The Taurus is usually seen in the winter season and is established when the boy says “the body won’t show until the winter” (13).

Nevertheless, even though the story was very short, it has still a lot that is uncovered and many passages that left me discombobulated. Initially, the narrator starts to introduce the characters in this piece, stating “Our voices were high—his, mine; soft, bright” (13). Then, like it was a bad habit, drops the characters description and traits. Why? Is it not important for us readers to grasp who and what the characters are like? Even during the end of...
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