Difficulties of Working in a Team

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Difficulties of working in a team

At the beginning, I am getting into details about the structure of a team, what is basic requirements to know. As being described the difficulties of working in a term, the following important factors will be added to this material. (Importance of size, development, cope with difficulties and solution for that, and participants in a team)

Organisation consists of groups of people working together. Interactions take place within and between groups and the degree to which these processes are formalised varies according to the organisational context. To understand an influence organisational behaviour, one must understand how groups behave .

Firstly, another important factor is size.

There is a greater diversity of talent, skills and knowledge in a large group, but individuals find it more difficult to make their presence felt. For the best participation and for highest all-round involvement, the optimum size is between five and seven. But to achieve the requisite breadth of knowledge the group may have to be considerably larger, and this makes greater demands on the skills of the leader in getting participation.

Secondly, development’s stages are also important :

Forming when there is anxiety, dependence on the leader and testing to find out nature of the situation and the task, and what behaviour is accepted. Storming where there is conflict , emotional resistance to the demands of the task, resistance to control and even rebellion against the leader.

Norming when group cohesion is developed, norms emerge, views are exchanged openly, mutual support and co-operation increase and the group acquires a sense of its identity.
Performing when interpersonal problems are resolved, roles are flexible and functional, there are constructive attempts to complete tasks and energy is available for effective work.

Team roles

Effective teams need people who help to get things done. They also need people who are concerned with the social side of working in a group. Task – orientated team members are most influential but socially inclined members are most liked .

Eight different roles played by management team members.

- chairman : control the way in which a team moves towards the group objectives by making the best use of team resources - shapers : specify the ways in which team effort is applied, directing attention generally to the setting of objectives - company workers : turn concepts and plans into practical working procedures and carry out agreed plans systematically and effectively. - plants : specify new ideas and strategies

- resource investigators : explore and report on ideas developments and resources outside the gpoup - Monitor evaluators : analyse problems and evaluate ideas and suggestions - team workers : support members in their strengths, underpin members in their shortcomings - completer – finisher: ensure that the team is protected from mistakes , actively search for work which needs more than a usual degree of attention.

Avoiding difficulties there are some methods how to cope with them.
Conflict is inevitable; agreement is impossible.
Conflict is not inevitable, yet agreement is not possible.
Although there is conflict, agreement is possible.

Four assumptions are given underneath.

1. Peaceful co-existence. People are encouraged to work happily with one another. There is a maximum amount of information, contact and exchange of views, and people move freely between groups. This is a pleasant ideal but it may lead to smoothing over real differences and is not practicable in all circumstances.

2. Problem solving. The joint development of...
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