Difficult People

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: February 8, 2001
Difficult People Analysis

1.In the beginning-part plot outline, Pyotr is a frustrated youth who strives to balance his financial expenditures to that of the amount of his father's low income. The effort to consume father's pension for Pyotr's schooling creates a serious doubt to the financial security of every member in household. Pyotr's father is a disappointment to the family, his anti-social behavior has subdued the family into a state of fear and panic at the harsh tone of his voice.

In the middle-part plot outline, Pyotr now fantasizes about the possibility's of leaving the farm and walking the eighty miles North to Moscow. He would establish a capacity for impunity to the family's grief of a missing son. Pyotr will be inspired by a sole motivation, the relentless three day walk to Moscow. The journey will submit a stream of inevitable consequences as a cause of starvation, frostbite and fatigue, the ability to overcome this torment to the physical appearance would only better saturate the mental ability for perseverance and determination to reach the destination.

The final logic of plot that must be explained at the end of the story is Pyotr's confrontation with his guilt-ridden, contemptuous father before he leaves for Moscow. The intent to reconcile father's financial loss is expressed through Pyotr's coaxing rhetoric and judgemental approach to his father's daily attitude at the table. Finally, the room is brightly lit, not by the family's ability to regroup--their affections were a bonfire now--but by a single, dazzling beam of sympathy to Pyotr, when his father says "Good-bye...the money is on the round table."

2.The main conflict of this story is a result of the family's financial status. Father's greed, low income, and Pyotr's frustration are key points to the main conflict. The conflict has plagued Pyotr most, the hallucination of abandoning his family is the main conflict in the story.

3.The nature of conflict is most likely...
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