Difficult Child

Topics: Psychology, Father, Emotion Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: May 7, 2015
 Difficult child. Difficult child... what is it? What is the reason of it and who is guilty of it? These questions are one of the most important issues of upbringing and that’s why so many psychological books deal with them. But all the same there is no book that can settle the problem of a right upbringing entirely. Only parents, knowing habits and temper of their child are able to choose proper methods for good breeding. Of course, it is impossible to point out all causes that become reason for formation of a difficult child. Every case is unique. But all the same we can mark out some reasons that can be considered to be basic in formation of problems with a child. First of them is insufficient attention of parents to their kid. We know that nowadays, in the world of haste and endless employment parents often can’t find enough time for their child. They are too busy and burdened with work to pay enough attention to the process of their child’s growing up. And as a result we have a child who is his own master and is used to do what he wants. From his early age the very child is self-reliant, and if on the one hand it can be considered to be good, on the other hand, the child becomes out of control. Indifferent parents are also great problem. When a child doesn’t get enough love, he begins behaving in a terrible way, drawing such a way attention to him. As a matter of fact, a child, who grows up in a bad family, where one of the member is a drunkard or drug addict, follows the way of his parents. One of the most essential problem in the upbringing of a child, when parents love their kid more, if he comes up to their expectations – if he had a good behavior or good marks. But a child necessities don’t always coincide with parents’ one and it leads to unfortunately results, when a child is emotionally rejected by his family and all relations changes to a bad sense. And it makes a child to feel lack of self -confidence....
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