Differnce Between Jihad and Terrorism

Topics: Islam, Jihad, Qur'an Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Difference between Jihad and Terrorism
The word Jihad derived from the Arabic word Jahada which means to strive or struggle. In a religious context it means to strive spiritually and physically. It is not only included in the religion Islam but also included in the Judaism and Christianity which is considered most popular religions today. In Islam Jihad can be defined as a struggle for improvement. On the other hand, Jihad is a fighting in order to defend an asset or honor and homeland. Terrorism

The word terrorism derived from the word terror. Terror is a great fear which is created by cruel person or circumstances. Terrorism can be defined as a criminal act that influences the people beyond the immediate victim. Types of Jihad

According to Islam there are three main types of Jihad and these all types of jihad seeks to establish and promote peace in society. Jihad-e-Akbar: This type of Jihad conveys messages to struggle for self-reformation. It means the struggle to avoid from our own greed and lust. This category of Jihad is incumbent on all Muslims throughout their life. Jihad-e-Kabir: The aim of this type of jihad is to convey messages of the Quran. The Quran also gives us instructions to spread this message with tolerance and wisdom and on their beliefs. This is also compulsory for all the Muslims. ALLAH is all hearing, all looking, all knowing. Jihad-e-Asghar: This type of Jihad about jihad of a defensive battle. In certain conditions Quran has clearly restricted this type of Jihad. This battle cannot an offensive one and it has only been defensive. This type of jihad is not compulsory for every Muslim. Jihad and Terrorism

Today world is a global village. We can take information from people through internet, cell phone and other sources. Then we imagine the true point of view from the Muslim and non-Muslim about Jihad and Terrorism. People around the world considered Jihad and terrorism as the same but basically both are different from one...
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