Differentiation: Apple Inc and Dell Inc

Topics: Apple Inc., Cellular differentiation, Dell Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Apple and Dell
1.Explain how each business differentiates itself.
2.Evaluate the benefits to apple of differentiating itself from its competitors. Apple Inc. and Dell Inc. are both regarded as reputable, distinguished businesses. They both provide products and services which are associated with consumer electronics, computer software and/or hardware, and general, personal computing devices. This means that both companies produce products which are sold within the same market. However, even though they sell products within the same market, both companies have managed to establish their own identity. This has been achieved through differentiating their products and services in a number of key ways. When focussing on Apple, it’s clear to see that the range of products that they sell is different in quality to other substitutes. Apple Inc. is a firm which sells their own range of computing hardware, mobile electrical devices, and computing software. Their products are distinctive visually, as they all have a very thin, simple, but effective shape and design. The similarity in the design of Apple’s products makes them easily identifiable to consumers as being part of the Apple range. Apple was also able to differentiate their products and services by branding them in a distinctive way. For example, Apple made sure to label each of its products with their Apple logo. (Shown below) The presence of the symbol encourages consumers to buy these labelled products as they can see that the product they was made by Apple Inc. Therefore, this has lead to Apple’s products becoming more differentiated, as the logo used is highly distinctive. Also, the way that Apple has named their products and services (i.e. the iPhone, the iPad, iTunes and the iPod) shows consumers that each product is related. The use of the ‘I’ at the beginning of each product name signifies that the product or service was produced by apple, which helps to ensure that both loyal and new consumers can...
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