Different Views on the Use of the N- Word

Topics: African American, Black people, Negro Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Alexis Dunn
Professor Van Camp
23 July 2012
Different Views on the Use of the N- Word
Bill Cosby, Chris Rock and Gloria Naylor have something in common; they are African Americans but the difference between these three individuals is that they have different views and opinions about the N – Word being used in this day and time. The word nigger has been used as a hurtful racial slur and used toward discrimination. Cosby, Naylor, and Rock have all been around the time when the N-Word was used to belittle and hurt African Americans. On Meet the Press, Cosby was on the show discussing his book Come on My People and telling the people of America, and different countries that nigger, should be eliminated and not be used by whites or in the black community. Rock had a different opinion of the use of the N- word. On Inside the Actors Studio, Rock discussed the N- word is appropriate to use in the black community because if used in the right hands, then it becomes poetry and art, but if nigger is not used in the right hands, then it can cause harm to someone. Also, Naylor had a similar opinion discussed in “A Word’s Meaning.” She explained the nigger is an offensive term if used in the wrong way, but that same offensive term can mean other definitions that are acceptable and not harmful to others. Rock and Naylor use of the word is appropriate because the word is another form of art and new meanings in plural and even singular form. The N- word is a derogatory word that is used to offend damage and cause pain to color skinned people but the word demonstrates triumph, victory, new meanings and change from the past to the present, therefore nigger should be used and not eliminated like Bill Cosby desires. Rock explains that it is appropriate for African American, or colored skin people to use the N- word as long that it is not hurting, harming or even used to damage someone’s feelings and self-esteem. When Rock says “They gave us the scraps and...

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