Different Types of Science in India

Topics: India, Decimal, Earth Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Ancient India

Today in Social Studies class I learned about India. The five topics Ms. Chan taught me for India is Science, Technology, Writing, Math, and Art. There were a lot of interesting things I didn’t know. I will start off with Science. There are two different types of Science in India, first the Medical Science, and then the Astronomy Science. In the Medical Science the Indians created two hospitals, one for people, and the other for animals. They also conducted surgeries. These surgeries were performed at their houses. To be more detailed, the people who wanted surgeries would have to walk to the houses of the surgeons. Ophthalmology, meaning treatment for the eye, is one of the surgeries they perform. Now I will move on with Astronomy Science. In India their people were very intelligent. They knew many facts about the astronomy. One of those facts is that many other people thought that the Sun revolved around the Earth, but the Indians thought differently. They knew that the Earth revolved around the Sun, not only that but they also knew the Sun was a star. They found the circumference of Earth. The Indians made a very closes calculations of eclipses. Indians found many other stars but later on became planets, they found seven out of 9 this includes Pluto. Furthermore, the Technology in India was very advanced. They were hard-workers when it came to civil engineering and working with standardized weights. The Indians built the World’s First Dock. This was discovered in Lothal, India. Many people were amazed and astonished by this because they couldn’t believe the Indians were able to tame the Sabarmati River. They also believe that the Indians studied tidal movements. Like I said the Indians were very advanced in their knowledge. One day while archeologists were searching for land in India they found a pool and also a scale next to a cube. This can mean that the Indians used the scale and cube to measure the pool and make it straight corners. Many...
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