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Topics: School, High school, Teacher Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: November 18, 2014
AW4 – Sample draft 2
Oct 22, 2014
Different Types Parents, Different Future

In your lifetime, who’s your first teacher that teaches you knowledge, teaches you the way guides yourself and teaches you ceremony? Not Mr. Brian in your high school, not Miss. Liu in your elementary school, even not Mrs. Green in your kindergarten. They’re the most conversant person for you—— parents. You grew up in parents’ instruction. Therefore, parents’ attitudes are important for the growth of children. Generally, here are three kinds of parents in today’s China. According to their education mode, they can be classified into strict parents, irresponsible parents and enlightened parents. The first group is parents who treat their children strictly, which is the most prevalent type in China. There is an old saying in China,“Parens hope for the son to grow up into dragon, daughter to grow up into a phoenix” which means every parent expects their kids to be successful. This is a good hope for children, but some parents in order to realize this dream even use too strict educational modes. For Chinese students, good grades represent success. Therefore, most parents try as many as possible methods of improving children’s grade. They require children to study all the time. They don’t give children too much time to do something they want. Even don’t let them do housework, so what’s the result? The result is that Chinese college graduates often have high scores but low ability. Two years ago, a piece of news shocked the whole China—— Peking University expulsed a student who got very high score. The reason was that university couldn’t allow his mother to live with him and helped him do everything. This student said from he was young, he hadn’t been allowed to do any housework. He had gone to all kinds of cram schools every morning and afternoon, then had written homework in the evening. His mother had helped him do the other things such as cooking, cleaning the room, even...
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