Different Types Of Music: Big Band Jazz

Topics: Jazz, Blues, Music genre Pages: 5 (1013 words) Published: March 3, 2017

While there are many different types of music genres Jazz, or big band "swing” jazz, has proved time and time again to be the best and most challenging genre. One reason why Big Band Jazz is the best is in general it is uplifting to listen to. Also one reason why "swing “jazz is the most challenging genre of music is it requires more than usual amounts of musical creativity. Another reason why Jazz is the best genre of music is because it features the trumpet more than any other genre of music and this is also another reason it is the most challenging. In addition, another reason why Jazz is the best genre of music is because it has brought people together for many years and some dances were made because of jazz. Lastly, another reason why...

If so then swing jazz is for you. This quality of uplifting is why Big Band Jazz is the best. By nature swing jazz is very uplifting to listen to. Unlike the blues, which is supposed to be more on the down side of things, Big Band Jazz or "swing" jazz is very bright and has a big sound which is uplifting. For example, most "swing" jazz songs were written in the 1920s and in those days the economy was booming and people were happy which is reflected into the music that was written. This is an important part of why jazz is the best genres of music because when you listen to any good or decent song wouldn’t you want to be uplifted or feel happy because of that song. That is just one reason why jazz is the best genre of...

There is not one swing jazz song out there where you don’t hear the extreme ranges of instruments such as the awe inducing scream of the trumpet or the wails of a trombone. Many musicians can attest that jazz requires the entire range of an instrument due to its rigor and upbeat feel. For example, is swing jazz didn’t use the high ranges of every instrument then it would be considered a different style of jazz called the blues. Any respected musician can express that it takes a great amount of mental and physical skill to perform the full range of any instrument. That is another reason why swing jazz is the most challenging genre of...
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