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DEFINITION: a textbook is a printed and bound artefact for each year or course of study (Encyclopedia of Education, 2008b). They contain facts and ideas around a certain subject.

They have been used to aid teaching, and in some cases, to be the teacher for centuries. Textbooks are not just teaching and learning objects but are political documents that hold content that reflects the vision of a specific group (Encyclopedia of Education, 2008a).

Although the presentation has changed, the main goal has remained the same; to help build the platform of knowledge for students.

Throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries, textbooks were used mainly as a static means to teach curriculum. The printed textbook has been the means with which knowledge is organized and distributed. They have served to gather a body of knowledge, a mechanism for introduction to learning and as a reference material (Bierman, 2006). For at least a thousand years, the goal pedagogically for textbooks and school was the memorization of definitions, rules or other facts (Wakefield, 1998). In fact, for quite a long period, textbooks were undifferentiated by age. This allowed for older students to help younger ones, rather than a teacher who may have to work with students from very low grades to upper grades having to attempt to reach each grade level individually. WORKBOOK

DEFINITION : a book that contains problems or exercises and that students use to practice what they are learning in a class.

IMPORTANCE:Some children adore workbooks, others abhor them.  If your child doesn't mind workbook-based learning, it can be a useful method for encouraging independent work, tracking progress, and providing skill-specific review and repetition.  Workbooks are also helpful for keeping one child occupied while working with...
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